Friday, May 2, 2008

The Process

As for a public art, Troy is an excellent city to work in.

I choose my neighborhood because I felt there was a range of social groupings that have make communication as a community difficult. 

If I could do this for real I wanted to provide this and other communities with a creative identity. I figured everyone could bring one piece of metal from their backyard (which I know everyone has) to an event where a welder (local?) would weld everyone's metal together into a collabrative sculpture.

But that was not feasible for the time constraints I'm facing. So instead I created an art website to provide a digital channel for the community to talk to each other. I created a visual map that allows people to say certain things to the neighborhood, while specifying visually where you're speaking from or where you speaking to. So I bought, which should be easy to remember and represents two of the main boundaries that define our community.

Anyway here is the link:

Its not completely finished, but there's only a few lil bugs to work out and edit my Home and About pages.